Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Song by Jeffrey

A couple of days ago Jeffrey added another song to his SoundClick page,The Rush. Here is a link Soundclick.

Here is a quote from a bulletin Jeffrey posted on Mypace."So, I decided it was high time for me to upload a new song. I really like this song, it's totally my favorite song that I've written so far. Lyrically, it's not that deep, and vocally, there's not much too it, but I just love the beat and the way it turned out. It's all sexyyy.... haha, embarrassing. Yeah, listen to it!"

and the lyrics:
The Rush
Lyrics by Jeffrey Phung

Hush now, just another minute
I want you but I don't wanna forget it
When you come take me away

Hold on, tell me can you feel it?
How you come and push me to the limit
Feels like there's no words to say

'Cause I'll do what you want me to and
We'll sink into our own groove and
Feels like the world melts away

You strip me of my disguises
No need for the petty lies when
You come and say what you say

So hush now, tell me can you feel the rush?
Slow down, feel it as you feel me up
You got me crazy, really want you, want you
So hush now, I just wanna feel the rush
Speed up, I don't ever wanna stop
You got me crazy like I want to, I want to

Don't stop, I can still feel it
I want this and I don't wanna regret it
Just come and take me away

Hold on, tell me what you're feeling
I don't want for this moment to be fleeting
I just want to stay where I lay

'Cause I'll give you a fantasy and
I'll do more than you believe 'cause
Feels like your body's a stage

You strip me of my defenses
I fall hard when I lose my senses
'Cause you come and blow me away

(Repeat Chorus)