Saturday, November 17, 2007

11/15/07 Whisky A Go Go show

So as many can probably guess we went to the Whisky A Go Go show on the 15th.First up was the "Promenades"-Not as much energy as I like to see in a band but Another band had a similar problem,Aeronautics. One thing I noticed about bands with a girl singer is that the girls usually don't seem to have much energy. However both bands seemed young like they had time to develop more energy.

A band I really enjoyed was "Anatomy of Her":This all girl band produced a lot of energy pretty early in the night at 7:55. With earlier bands not yet getting the crowd out they sent fans and watchers out on the floor to listen and watch their set. At the end they also had a funny experience where their special ending was done on the second to last song yet played it off well.For more info about this band check out:,

After Anatomy came another good band,The Gravity Guild.One thing that always help tell you how great a band is how far people go to see them and they had some not just from San Francisco but also from a northeastern state(I just forgot the name,maybe PN). For info about the band,

The main band who was also releasing a album for the night was "Machina". Unluckily the smoke machine actually took away from their performance but they were an ok band.

Of course Random Ninjas rocked the night like they usually seem to. I always wonder if it helps that they have such great fans out there. Some came from Arizona staying a fews days to wait for this show.This show also debuted a new song(which I missed the name of).Another cool thing is that the RN's sales for the night will go to the Red Cross.

Last for the night was Lemon Drop Kick. I always think that last for the night must be a tiring spot yet LDK rocked it with lots energy.They were a band that made you glad you stayed out for the end.