Saturday, January 26, 2008

Have you heard of Trot music?

I've recently become familiar with it. Here's a definition via Wikipedia:

Trot, pronounced as "teuroteu" in Korean (sometimes derisively called ppongjjak), is the oldest form of Korean pop music. It developed in the years before and during the Japanese occupation.

Trot music has received criticism from nationalists, who allege that it derives from the Japanese music genre of enka, especially its scale. Defenders of trot, however, claim that it had begun to develop prior to the Japanese invasion, and simply developed in parallel with the Japanese style. The name itself derives from a shortening of "foxtrot", a ballroom dance which influenced the characteristic simple beat of the genre.

This style of music has recently increased in popularity due to the emergence of "semi-trot" singers such as Jang Yoon Jeong (장윤정), who had great crossover success with her first single "어머나!" ("Eomeona!" - an exclamation similar to "Oh my goodness!"). This has led to both an increased awareness of older trot musicians and the debut of other singers and groups wanting to capitalize on the genre's comeback (including LPG and Super Junior-T).

I am believer in broadening your horizons. Every form of music may not be for you but that does not make it bad and it is nice to know about things outside of what you are use to.