Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Song of the Day: Ron Hogan's Many Beginnings

I received a myspace comment to check out some relatively new music and thought it was a good way to start the day.

You can check out Ron Hogan's myspace account where he has 6 songs listed. His genre on myspace is listed as Folk Rock / Fusion / Nu-Jazz.

Here is a bit of information from his page:

ALL CDs R Available @!!!!! Ron Hogan ***is a very prolific songwriter. He is just beginning his carreer as a song writer/recording artist by producing an incredible 4 single CDs and one Double CD in 11 mos. His first CD, the "Eye of the Storm" was released in December, 2006, followed by the "Eye of the Light" in February 2007, "End of the Open Mind " in May 2007 and the "Vision of the Wolf" in July 2007. The words and music to all the songs on the CDs have been written by him. He also plays acoustic rhythm guitar as well as a Korg Sampler (KARMA) on a few tracks on the "Eye of the Storm" , "Eye of the Light" , "Vision of the Wolf" and "Wings Have Eyes" CDs . He plays acoustic rhythm guitar exclusively on the "End of the Open Mind" CD. He has a backlog of songs that could fill many more CDs and he is writing songs at a feverish pace. He has just produced a DOUBLE CD for his next release entitled "Wings Have Eyes"! He relishes writing music and is fascinated with experimentation in words and sound. His joy is to create music that allows people to be absorbed in something new and original which can take them places they have never been or, haven't visited in a while. He adds a soulful touch to many of the songs with his vocals and his theatrical background is evident in the interpretation of the lyrics.

I encourage you to check his page and music out yourself. If you can leave him a comment or message to let him know what you think, and let us know what you think. I've added one of his songs to our myspace profile for a bit so you can also take a listen there.

Hope everyone is enjoying their NEW YEAR. Let this be the year you make a difference.