Thursday, January 10, 2008

CDs, Cassettes, Albums we listened to today: Jan 10, 2008

21. M-FLO loves melody. & yamamoto ryohei - miss you (single w/ Astrosexy)
22. Countdown J-Pop 2006
23. Utada Hikaru - Ultra Blue
24. Mahalia Jackson - sings songs of Christmas
25. The Whispers - Christmas Moments
26. Special Gift (Various Artists)


Miesha, Entertainment Lush said...

HI HI!! Thanks for commenting on my blog several times. I have fun doing it really. :)
Tell me more about Music is Our High please. I see that you are in CA and I have a few family members there! I've never been but plan to visit. But for this post for example is it talking about personally what music you or you and your family listened to that day? Anyway I do believe that music is OUR high...good title.

A Family/Group Member said...

Keeping track of our CD's is just something I decided to do this year. I understand downloads but there is nothing like buying and owning music.

Our blogs have various contributors - all family or friends. People I trust but who don't necessarily want their own account to express their feelings.

We're in Southern California. You should definitely come visit (the cost of living can be pretty high though)

Thanks for posting to the blog