Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lyrics to Man for Me (Ode to Barack)

Mama, I'm in love
I know he's kind of skinny
But I just can't help it
He is preaching something new.

He is calling every night
And asking me to fight the fight with him for freedom,
It's a dreamy point of view.

He believes in honesty and
Tax cuts for the poor
And I don't think I'm gonna
Lack a leader anymore.

Barack Obama!
His truth just sets you free
Barack Obama! Mama,
He's the man for me.

The senator from Illinois
Was once a little boy in Honolulu
Pomaika i'no, Kamaha' o (How fortunate, remarkable!)

Was it sunlight on the surf
That showed him what he's really worth
And gave him faith in the audacity of hope

His policy on greehouse gas is
Totally the best
His daddy came from Kenya and his
Mom from the Midwest


Mr. Lincoln let me curl up on that Monumental lap
Can you hear me, I am callin' up to you
You might think a girl from Texas could Take pride in recognizing
That the country once again is split in two
But I've been in this red state feelin' blue
Ba-ba-ba-ba, bara-bara, Barack

Oh Mama, did you see him
At that podium in Springfield
He's got eyes that give a worried woman Peace.

And we've been stuck inside a lie that Brought the nation to its knees,
Somewhere in those eyes I see a chance for Our release.

You might say we're young and we can't Handle what's in store
Who else but the young are left to battle Through this war?


Barack Obama!
Your truth just sets me free
Barack Obama!
You're the man for me,

Reflect your hope on me,
Project your hope on me.

(Pomaika i'no Kamaha' o!)