Thursday, September 18, 2008

Musicians and Politics - Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand has written a blog that is pretty well thought out. It is a good read and it provide DETAILS. Not just mindless statements but details with source information (which is always a big plus for me).

You can check out her blog at:

Here is just some of the information that she included:

John McCain on Veteran Affairs:
2006 Rating from Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America: D

Veterans Benefits

  • May 2008: McCain is currently opposed to the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act (S 22), proposed by Senators Jim Webb and Chuck Hagel, to raise GI benefits to a level similar to those received by WWII vets. The maximum benefit would cover tuition for veterans for up to 4 years at the in-state public university level.

Troop Withdrawal

  • September 2007: McCain voted against the Webb amendment calling for adequate troop rest between deployments.
  • July 2007: McCain voted against a plan to draw down troop levels in Iraq.
  • June 2006: McCain voted against a resolution that Bush start withdrawing troops that year, but did not state a deadline to do so.

Veteran Health Care

  • May 2006: McCain voted against an amendment that would provide $20 million to the Department of Veterans Affairs for health care facilities.
  • April 2006: McCain was one of only 13 Senators to vote against $430,000,000 for the Department of Veteran Affairs for Medical Services for outpatient care and treatment for veterans.
  • March 2006: McCain voted against increasing Veterans medical services funding by $1.5 billion in 2007 to be paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes.
  • March 2004: McCain voted against creating a reserve fund to allow for an increase in Veterans' medical care by $1.8 billion by eliminating abusive corporate tax loopholes.

Troop Armor

  • October 2003: McCain voted to table an amendment that called for an additional $322 million for safety equipment for United States forces in Iraq and to reduce the amount provided for reconstruction in Iraq by $322 million.
  • April 2003: McCain urged other Senate members to table a vote (which never passed) to provide more than $1 billion for National Guard and Reserve equipment in Iraq related to a shortage of helmets, tents, bullet-proof inserts and tactical vests.

(From the Veterans for Common Sense)
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