Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What we listened to today

Sometimes our day is so random, not counting anything on the car radio here is some of what we listened to today via YouTube:

Sweat of your Brow by Jully Black - I really like her vibe and her voice. It isn't all about packaging for this lady. She has talent. I'm sure I'm singing the words ALL WRONG. I need to look up the lyrics. I must have listened to it about a dozen times today

No One by Alicia Keys - can you believe it was my first time hearing this song? or seeing the video. So far so good. I may have to give it a few listens. I like Alicia Keys style. I like that she doesn't go out and degrade herself just to sell a record.

There are times I am so late in getting to know an artist and that is the case with M-FLO. Now I must say they have become one of my Youtube favorites. One thing they give one heck of a concert and I love their crowds. Why because the people are getting into it instead of standing around trying to look cute. Heck if you pay your money to go to a concert - HAVE FUN! Anyway I love So Exclusive featuring Sowelu. Oh, and I can't speak Japanese nor Korean - thank goodness they sprinkle English in it. Still I would pay to see them. Also Miss You featuring Melody and Ryohei again look like fun times. I've actually learned about a lot of artists via M-FLO and I must recommend Astrosexy featuring Ryohei - LOVE the part where the guy in the audience joins in.

Actually there are lots more but wouldn't you know that I actually have work to do. Look forward to sharing more.